About Us

HAWRAZI Enterprises, founded in 1997.   Its main activity is to manufacture Dental and Medical Instruments and diagnostic devices. Grown into one of the leading company that offers one of the best qualities in Medical/Dental/Surgical Instruments, Orthopedic implants and other related specialized instruments competitive to the Export Market all over the world.

The Company caters customers in ASIA and EUROPEAN Markets.  Our strength lies in providing all kinds of specialized medical instruments to address the specific need of our clients.

  • On customer’s perspective, they have the convenience of being able to rely on one company with a proven track record of high quality and excellent products to suffice the standard interest of clients as to their need on the quality Dental, Orthopedic, Surgical instruments and diagnostic devices.

  • In response to our customer’s need, it is our perspective to identify our customer’s need and provide them with the delivery of the goods and services in their full and complete satisfaction.

  • HAWRAZI, in this particular industry shall continue to manufacture products of high standard and meet the current market demand.

  • All these years, HAWRAZI has maintained a thoroughly positive and professional image, cultivating and sustaining a long term relationship with its business partners and clients.   Working closely with our chosen world class partners, we are constantly exploring new and innovative ways of doing business to better serve our clients.

  • By having an extra ordinary standard of quality, the business become viable and HAWRAZI Enterprises expanded the business internationally to facilitate the clients need for timely deliveries of their orders, so one of its managing partner established a marketing arm in the Philippines.   A corporation especially launched to open in Medical/Dental industry for the South east Asia, we introduced SURGICOM TRADING CORPORATION. 


“We firmly acknowledged our role and responsibilities to the international market, we are serving.”

Cognizant of this fact we shall tirelessly dedicate ourselves, our resources and our products to the development/upgrading and enhancement of medical instruments that will contribute to the progress of our valued customers/clients.


It is our mission to attain total customer satisfaction.   Therefore- the primary duty of Hawrazi Enterprises is to strive towards high quality, timely delivery of goods and services. Products must be highly competitive and cost is reasonable.”


To provide quality and competitive products in order to attain credence from dealers, medical practitioners and clients who are using products manufactured by Hawrazi Enterprises.”

Our instruments have been manufactures using high quality stainless and precise cutting CNC machines.  Our solid industrial structure which counts on large production facilities evolved technologies and production process, performed by competent personnel and complete production line.  We aim at constant improvement of the products and company performances